Help Us Get On Ellen

"Shawn D. 10/17/11 Donate proceeds from gift baskets. Ellen is always trying to help people. She also likes to help people who are making an effort to help others. If you offer to donate some of the money you make from the gift baskets, & write to her & ask for some support. I am sure she will gladly give you some support."

"Bisket Baskets Reply to Shawn D's Suggestion 10/17/11 Thanks Shawn for this great idea. Ellen is great in the way that she is always trying to help others and we will try this avenue per your suggestion. Thanks for the idea and we will keep you posted if we hear back from her. Keep your fingers crossed!"

"Melissa 09/07/11 Hi , get a flash mob to present Ellen with the ultimate gourmet gift basket BB has to offer."

"Bisket Baskets Reply to Melissa's Suggestion 09/08/11 Very fun! The wheels in my head are turning now with all the possibilities. Maybe get a flash mob together and have them all break out in dance (since we all know Ellen loves to dance) and present her with the gift at her show. Such a fun idea and endless ways to work this thought. Thanks for such a great idea Melissa, we will keep you posted."

"Colleen 06/03/11 You need to create a basket that includes her boxers she always gives away."

"Bisket Baskets Reply to Colleen's Suggestion 06/06/11 Nice thinking Colleen! Keep thinking outside the 'box-ers' and we'll see what we can come up with this idea. This is a great idea so stay tuned!"

"Keeta 05/25/11 Find out things she likes, make a basket called 'The Ellen Basket', send it to her with a note asking to be on the show."

"Bisket Baskets Reply to Keeta's Suggestion 05/26/11 A gift named The Ellen Basket... we love it! We do know she loves animals so maybe a gift designed with goodies for both the dog and owner would be something she'd like. We will keep you posted with the results on this idea so check back occasionally."

"Kayleigh 04/16/11 Turtle Races with Ellens picture taped on their shells! :D"

"Bisket Baskets Replay to Kayleigh's Suggestion 04/18/11 Now that is an original idea and certainly unique! Thanks for the idea and keep sending in others as you think of them."

"Bisket Baskets 04/04/11 We'd love to post some of your ideas here so come on and send in those great suggestions."