The Perfect Pair: A Homemade Gift And One Of Our Motherís Day Gift Baskets

A handmade gift is always so special Ė it takes thought and a dedicated hand, showing just how much care and meaning you put into its creation. Yet, we often find that we want to pair a handmade gift with something thatís a bit more of a traditional ďgiftĒ item, like a Motherís Day Gift Basket. Our Motherís Day gift baskets are crafted with Mom in mind, including cute treasures like gourmet teas, delectable Godiva chocolates, and calming bath gels and creams.

Hereís some handmade gift ideas for Mom – pair them with a Motherís Day gift basket to really impress her and show her sheís such a special Mom!

Her Favorite Flowers
Does your Mom adore the calming scent of lilies? Or the uplifting smell of gardenias? Find your Momís favorite flowers at your local home and garden store, and choose a cute flower pot you know sheíd love, along with some potting soil. Add some soil to the pot, securely add the flowers, and top it off with more potting soil. Be sure to water regularly so itís still alive and well when you gift it to Mom! Pair it with our bright Motherís Day Flowers Gift Basket.

Her Favorite Cookie Recipe
Does your Mom have a certain cookie that she just canít resist? Perhaps itís Macadamia Nut, or Double Fudge Layer Ė yum! Look online for a great recipe, and whip up a batch of her favorite cookies, Wrap them in cellophane or in a cute baggie, and pair it with our Perfect Mom Motherís Day Gift Basket. Her Motherís Day will be simply delicious!

Her Favorite Photo Frame
Many craft stores sell customizable photo frames, where you can actually write a message right on the frame and insert your own photo inside. Make a list of all the fun times youíve had with Mom, and include short snippets of text all along the photo frame, perhaps separating each phrase with a heart, describing all those fun times. Then, include a photo of her and you in the frame. Pair it with our Godiva Chocolates Motherís Day Gift Basket so she has something sweet to accompany such a sweet homemade gift!

Your Mom will likely love any gift you got her, but it feels great to go above and beyond for that special Mom in your life by taking the time to create a handmade gift for her, and pairing it with a beautiful Motherís Day Gift Basket! Use your imagination and creativity, and we know youíll come up with the perfect homemade gift idea.