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The patented Greenies Pill Pockets treats for dogs are a nutritious treats that contain a built-in pocket, perfect for hiding a pill or supplements. Dogs love the taste so much they wont even notice theres medicine inside!

No more forcing a pill down your pet's throat as the idea is simple. If you put medication inside something dogs actually like, then giving pills becomes a lot easier. The delicious pocket masks any hint of medicine, making Greenies Pill Pockets a stress free pill delivery treat. They are made of high quality, supportive and nutritionally beneficial all human-grade ingredients

Tricks for Giving Pet Meds with ABCs Dr. Marty Becker

Its hard enough for a veterinarian or a trained team member to give pet medications, let alone your average pet owner.

Pet owners struggle to follow the vets orders to give their pets medication, and we know the pets need the medication but they dont want to take it, and just like with toddlers, we have to give pets a prescription they dont like.

Theres a recent study that shows that only 10% of cat owners and 30% of dog owners succeeded in medicating their pets correctly. What this means, is that prescriptions sent home by the veterinarians often end up in the cupboard or on the person, and not in the pet. And what happens, is that the pet owner is too embarrassed or hesitant to go back to the veterinarian and admit failure.

Dr. Becker always admits to his patients when asking them to give meds to their pets, that it is going to be difficult, even for trained people. If they are not successful, they have plenty of company and to speak up so that they can be given other alternatives.

One trick is to use Pill Pockets. Rather than giving one Pill Pocket as recommended with the medication, you give three. The first one is an empty Pill Pocket as a tease. The second one is the Pill Pocket with the medication. The third one is the chaser.

And for the animal that wont take any medication, they seem to spit everything out, try a compounding pharmacy. There are several companies out there, FlavoRX is one of them, and they will make your pets medication into pet flavors, such as Salty Bacon, Atlantic Salmon, Angus Beef and Bubblegum. Some companies will even send you samples to find out which flavor your pet prefers. About 70% of dogs and cats will lick this medication right out of the spoon. You can do this with both pills and liquids.

And, if nothing else works for your cat, there is the new transdermal system. The medication is put into something that is simply absorbed into the skin, so you wipe put the medication in the cats ear. While not all medications can administered this way, many of the common medications can.

However, if your pets takes pills easily, be aware that many pills can be lodged in the esophagus up to five minutes later. While this is uncomfortable for your pet, it can also lead to inflammation and can cause severe problems long term. So, for both dogs and cats, if you are not using something that is chewable, give a water chaser. When you give the water to help flush the pill down, simply grab the corner of their lip, tip their head back, and squirt it in the corner of their mouth, and it will act like a funnel and run down behind the back of their teeth and right down their esophagus. If you try to put the water on their tongue, they will just spit it up right back on you.
The Quality You Expect... Pill Pockets take the hassle out of medicating!

Consider these benefits:
  • Made from all human-grade meats
  • Completely conceals medicinal odors
  • Pill Pockets do not promote begging like table food does
  • Contains probiotics for intestinal health
  • Treat is easy to pinch closed

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