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Reese's Christmas Gift Basket
Reese's Christmas Gift Basket
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Celebrate this holiday season by gifting this awesome Reese's Christmas Gift Basket. Reese's, Reese's and even still more Reese's peanut butter cups and tasty treats can be found inside this favorite Christmas candy gift basket. Everyone loves food gift baskets at the holidays and holiday candy gifts are always a huge hit. Our Reese's Christmas gift basket is perfect for family gifting, awesome as a thank you for your business gift and really makes a great holiday office gift. Everyone loves Reese's!

See shipping tab for suggestions when shipping this gift to warmer climates (75 F or above).

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Reese's Christmas Gift Basket

Item Code: BB-16-545C
Price: $84.99
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Enhanced Holiday Gift Card (Optional)
Enhanced Holiday Gift Card (Optional)
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Custom Holiday Card $4.99 (each unique)
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Enhanced Holiday Bow (Optional)
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Custom Holiday Bow $9.99 (each unique)
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Enhanced Holiday Floral (Optional)
Enhanced Holiday Floral (Optional)
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Holiday Silk Floral $2.99 (each unique)
Holiday Silk Floral $2.99 (each unique)
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