Thank You

Thank You: General
  • With special thanks and much appreciation.
  • Sincere thanks for your extra efforts.
  • Your thoughtfulness is appreciated so much more than words can say.
  • With sincere gratitude for all you have done.
  • Youíre the best!
  • You made my day!
  • It was a pleasure to work with you.
  • Thank you for thinking of us.
  • Many thanks for all you do.
  • Thank you for the privilege and opportunity to work with you.

    Thank You: Personal
  • Your thoughtfulness really put sunshine in my day.
  • Thank you for your thoughtful hospitality.
  • Thank you for being so nice.
  • How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it.
  • Because of you everything is so much nicer
  • Your thoughtfulness will long be remembered.
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Iím more thankful than mere words can ever tell
  • Your kindness comes as a welcome touch of warmth and caring.
  • So thoughtful of you to think of us.
  • Thank you for making me feel so comfortable
  • Thank you for making your guests feel right at home.
  • Your kindness meant so much.
  • This comes with sincere appreciation.
  • You always do the nicest things in just the nicest way.
  • The worldís a better place because of people like you.
  • Your thoughtfulness meant more than words can ever say.
  • You always go out of your way to be thoughtful.
  • Words can say so little when someoneís done so much.
  • Thank you for being you.

    Thank You: For Business/Order
  • Thank you for your order. Continuing to serve you will be a pleasure.
  • Your business is always appreciated.
  • Thank you for choosing us.
  • Thank you for your friendship, your business and the opportunity to serve you.
  • Your business is sincerely appreciated. We look forward to continuing to serve you.
  • Success is having you for a customer.
  • We appreciate your business and your confidence in us.
  • Thank you for your continued business. We look forward to working with you in the future.
  • We know you have a world full of choices and appreciate that you have selected us.
  • We value your trust and confidence and appreciate your loyalty as a customer
  • Thank you for trusting us. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!
  • Sincerest thanks for your valued business. Look forward to working with you again soon!
  • We know that you have a world full of choices, Thank You for selecting us.
  • Thank you for your valued business. Look forward to serving you again.
  • Thank You! Your business means the world to us.
  • Sincerest thanks for your valued business. Look forward to working with you again soon!
  • We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Please call me whenever I can be of further service.
  • We sincerely appreciate your business.

    Thank You: For Referral
  • Thank you for the referral. Your confidence and trust in us is sincerely appreciated.
  • Thank you for referring _______ to our firm. We sincerely appreciate your confidence in us.
  • Thanks for thinking of me. Your referral is very much appreciated.
  • Thank you for the vote of confidence.
  • Many thanks for referring _______ to me. Iíll make sure he/she gets VIP service.

    Thank You: For Time/Conversation
  • Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.
  • It was a pleasure talking with you. I hope we can speak again soon.
  • Thanks for your time. If you need anything, donít hesitate to call me.
  • Thank you for meeting with me. If you need anything, Iím only a phone call away.
  • Thanks for squeezing me in. I know how busy you are.
  • Many thanks for your inquiry. Iím sure we can meet your needs.

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