• Wishing you happiness everyday.
  • You both deserve the very best that life can bring you.
  • May all the dreams you’re dreaming soon turn into dreams come true.
  • May the joy you’re sharing now grow deeper day by day.
  • Today is meant to be treasured.
  • You both deserve a lifetime of beautiful tomorrows.
  • All the best – to the best.
  • May you treasure today forever in your memory.
  • May all the love you’ve come to know continue to grow.
  • The best is yet to come!
  • Sharing in your happiness and wishing you all the best.
  • Bless your new life as husband and wife.
  • May the joy you share today grow deeper through the years.
  • Wishing you happiness and joy in this new life you share.
  • You’re off to a beautiful beginning.
  • Have a wonderful life together.
  • Wishing you companionship, contentment and love.
  • With best wishes for a lifetime of happiness together.
  • Wishing you happiness together.

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