Bisket Baskets has Gone Green

Bisket Baskets And More is doing its part in the movement of Going Green and we can all do our part by changing something here or there to begin to make an impact for both your business and your way of life. Conserving our natural resources, energy and recycling items is a good start. We are doing our best here to purchase our supplies within those guidelines to help reduce our carbon footprints and to help keep our earth green. We have learned that Going Green has become a team effort here as we have all become more conscious of our surroundings and have become more particular in the items we purchase for our business and our homes. Here is a list of just a few of the changes we’ve made:

ENERGY: We have changed our fluorescent lighting to energy saving bulbs wherever possible and this relates to approximately a 47% reduction in lighting energy used. Not only are we Going Green, we’re saving money!

OFFICE SUPPLIES: With the invention of computers, for years we have been keeping almost all of our business reports paperless. We send email statements to our corporate accounts whenever possible and when we have the need for a hard copy, we always print on both sides of the paper! We of course refill all our ink cartridges and when they are no longer viable, we recycle them. Our packing lists are printed on 100% recycled paper. (Did you know that at many post offices you can pick up a recycle bag for your ink cartages? The company even offers free shipping!)

SHRED: The shred used in our gift baskets are made in the USA from 75% post industrial recycled fibers.

RAFFIA: The raffia used within our gift baskets are made in the USA from 100% natural vegetable fibers. (Raffia is basically a form of straw.)

WHITE GIFT BOXES: Our Care Packages containers are made in the USA from 100% recycled materials with 50% post consumer materials.

CORRUGATED BOXES: We purchase all our shipping cartons from a local provider which helps to reduce our carbon footprints. We also recycle inbound corrugated boxes to do our part to help eliminate unnecessary landfill deposits.

NEWSPRINT: The newsprint found in the bottom of our gift baskets come from recycled fiber. More than half the world’s newsprint is now being recycled!

Going Green isn’t difficult and surely isn’t costly! Going Green is basically broken down into two categories; what comes in and what goes out. It’s takes a conscious effort to purchase (comes in) items that have made the decision to go Green and to recycle as much of your trash (goes out) to the best of your ability. Recycling is all around us both at home and at work and the ability to recycle has become quite easy. Our communities have distributed recycling bins for our homes and have placed them in high traffic areas within the community. Putting your presorted plastics, paper, glass, aluminum and such in them all helps you to do your part in recycling and Going Green.