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Halloween Pet Gift Baskets

October 31st Halloween night and its quiet, too quiet. Nothing is as it seems, the air is cool and a soft breeze brings the eerie sounds of creaking coffin lids and bones jingling in the distance. The door bell rings and Fido begins to bark his warning Dont open it, dont open the door. But its too late youve already reached for the door knob and the door swings open and there standing before you is the most dangerous of all beings Dracula! Well it is just too much for Fido, hes tried to warn you and now hes heading for the master bedroom and yep hes under the bed again! Be ready for him this year by sending Fido his very own Halloween Dog Gift and leaving some howling good treats right there in his crypt! Tell him hes a good dog but this is just a pretend Dracula and is really the neighborhood boy all dressed up. Pet Halloween gifts from are fun to send to your dog or for pets of family and friends. offers both Pet and Owner Halloween gifts along with gifts for the dog and cat. Please remember that chocolate is dangerous for dogs so put the kids bags out of your dogs reach and get him his very own Halloween doggy basket!