Delivery Policy:
Bisket Baskets is bound to the rules and regulations of each carrier. Once the carrier receives the package, we have no control over the actual delivery time. We declare that once the package has been handed to the shipping carrier that liability of the package no longer lies with Bisket Baskets. We are therefore not liable for lost or stolen merchandise. Bisket Baskets will not refund or reship any package that has been marked as "Delivered" by the carrier even if recipient claims non-receipt. It is possible that the package was left with neighbors, behind a bush, in the garage, between the doors etc. We suggest that the recipient contact the delivering carrier to verify where parcel was placed.

Bisket Baskets has no control over a carrier's decision if your location is considered "safe" to leave a package. If this happens the carrier will leave a notice notifying you that an attempt was made for delivery. You must follow the carrier's directions on the notice for delivery of your package. If any package is returned to Bisket Baskets for any reason, no refund will be issued.