3 Tips to Giving a Great Gift

Written by Melody of Bisket Baskets And More
©Copyright Protected Gift giving can be frustrating at times, even when you know the recipient well. Some of us would rather be going to the dentist instead of trying to find a unique gift for that person. For those of you who find themselves in this predicament, here is just a little advice from us here at Bisket Baskets And More.
  1. BE ORIGIONAL! Not only are you finding something for your recipient, but also you are making a statement about yourself. Your creativity is there; don't be afraid to use it! Here I am a retired school bus driver and I can remember back to the oodles of Christmas gifts I received each year. Just think there are at least 50 kids per bus and two bus trips a day means 100 students that I drove on a daily basis. Not all, but most students remembered me for the holidays. I received about 20 "School Bus Driver" coffee mugs each year! Best part…. I don't drink Tea or Coffee! Anybody want a mug? So you can imagine my delight when I received a gift that was different. My favorite gifts were “food gifts" as my entire family would have the opportunity to enjoy. Now that your taste buds are whet have fun and start being creative and original!
  2. BE CREATIVE! Bring on your hidden talents here. People love to receive something that you made, baked or designed just for them. This can be a batch of home baked brownies to an overworked co-worker, a hand knitted throw for your daughter's couch or a do it yourself gift basket! Sure you can do it! Find a useable container, like a beautiful hat box, add a cup and saucer, her favorite teas or coffees a couple chocolates and there you go! You can also purchase tickets to their favorite sports team or to a concert or out for dinner. Everyone loves a night out, especially if it is already paid for!
  3. BE RESOURCEFUL! Okay, you say you have either no time or no ideas… that's okay as well. That is where Bisket Baskets comes in to play. We can design your gift basket for you! We offer over 100 gifts for you to choose from, make your selection and we will design and ship it for you! We design your gift baskets AFTER you place your order, so you can be sure that your gift is fresh and beautiful. A gift basket is not a last resort, but a very good option. They are very well appreciated and always used until gone!