Wake Up To Executive Gift Baskets For Morning Meetings

It's absolutely true that “it's the thought that counts", but there's no doubting that receiving a meaningful gift can certainly warm the spirits and the heart. This holiday season, think about those people in your life who are homebound – who either don't have the transportation necessary to attend holiday festivities, or are not well enough to. Gifting them Dinner Gift Baskets is a great way to send them a gift and help them partake in holiday fun, while also giving the gift of a delicious meal. Here's a few ways you can send some warmth to those at home during the holidays!

Sick Neighbors, Relatives, or Friends

We toast to “health, wealth, and happiness" over and over during the holidays, and we think it's only fitting to send a special gift to those who are unfortunately not in the best of health during the holiday season. If you have a neighbor, relative, or friend who isn't in the best of health, perk up their spirits by sending one of our Dinner Gift Baskets, such as our Hearty Chili Fixins Dinner Gift Basket.

Traveling For Work

With the economy as precarious as it is, many of us now travel for work, whether we're happy to do so or not. If a loved one is stuck away from home due to work during the holidays, send them a scrumptious Dinner Gift Basket filled with pasta and succulent sauces, as in our Quick and Easy Spaghetti Dinner Gift Basket. Sure, it won't be like sitting at the dinner table with the family, but it will make that hotel room feel a little more like home!

Lack of Transportation

Maintaining a vehicle can be expensive – not only is there gas to pay for, but should an accident happen or repair need to be made, the expenses can add up quick. If you have a friend or relative who can't attend the holiday festivities due to not having a vehicle, offer to pick them up or ask a reliable family member or friend to pick them up. Gift one of our Dinner Gift Baskets that he or she can make right in his or her home, such as our Italian Dinner Gift Basket.

We hope you'll think of the homebound during this holiday season, and send some extra warmth in the form of one of our Dinner Gift Baskets. They will surely appreciate the thought, and the gift itself!