Say "Good Morning!" With Breakfast Gift Baskets

Any good host knows that breakfast is the meal that brings everyone together after a long journey. As a great way to start the day, your guests will love any of the breakfast gift gaskets from Though these gifts aren't for munching on right away, they can however send the clear message of care and hospitality in a way that is unique. Not only will your guests have something to take home with them, but they'll also be able to share the warmth and hospitality within their own homes as a result. Not to mention, they'll greatly appreciate the time you took to say “welcome" as part of their journey. To give your guests something special, offers up these lovely Breakfast Gift Baskets, sure to delight on any morning: Simply Tea Gift Basket Tea can be the best way to start one's day, especially when you start with one of the finest blends of herbal teas. This gift from will look lovely displayed on a kitchen counter or table and is filled with classic scone baking mix, preserves, honey sticks, teas, and a personalized note of welcome. Great for inns or bed and breakfasts! Country Muffin Breakfast Gift Basket Nothing says “welcome!" like fresh baked blueberry muffins. Let your guests take that heartwarming feeling home with this lovely gift basket from Filled with blueberry muffin mix, fruit preserves, and a selection of teas to compliment your confectionery creation, this welcome gift is the perfect fit for couples on a getaway. Cup of Coffee Breakfast Gift Basket As gift baskets go, a coffee gift is always sure to perk someone up. Filled with Wolfgang Puck's signature blend of coffee, Italian cookies, and other treats perfect for enjoying with a nice cup of java, this Breakfast Gift Basket from is the perfect way to start the day. An ideal fit for hotels or conventions!