Bridesmaid Gift Basket Do's And Don'ts

“There are big ships and small ships. But the best ship of all is friendship." ~Author Unknown Your bridesmaids are typically some of your best friends, and they've firsthand shown you how invaluable friendship is – they're with you throughout your highs and lows, and all the joys and stresses that go along with wedding planning. You want to show them just how much you appreciate them, and Bridesmaid Gift Baskets are a lovely way to start. You also want to show them this through your actions, so read on for some bridesmaid do's and don'ts for the bride – let's go through the don'ts, first! How To Not Treat Your Bridesmaids
  • Choose a “unique" bridesmaid dress – When choosing a bridesmaid dress style, ask yourself one question: “Would I wear this, and would I wear it with a smile?" Same goes for bridesmaid gifts – make sure you would love to receive them, too. No wonder our bridesmaid gift baskets are so popular!
  • Continually remind them you're the bride, not them – You may be a bridesmaid in their weddings one day, so treat your bridesmaids like the equals and friends they are.
  • Tell them how to plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party – Your bridesmaids are throwing these for you as a gift, so graciously accept them! They may not be exactly as you dreamed, but reality may be even better.
  • Require them to be at every wedding planning function – Your bridesmaids are busy girls, and try as they might, they may simply not be able to attend every function. Being understanding will make them want to be an active part of the wedding planning.
How To Treat Your Bridesmaids
  • Understand they're on a budget, too – Weddings are expensive, and your bridesmaids don't have unlimited funds. Be upfront with your bridesmaids on what you all can afford in terms of the bridal shower and bachelorette party.
  • Accept that a bridesmaid may back out – Many brides have had a friend not accept an invitation to be a bridesmaid, or a bridesmaid who backed out of being there on the big day. Unless there is hostility, accept that this is simply their own decision, and do your best to move on.
  • Choose your friends, not models – You want your wedding photos to make you smile, and choosing friends and family, based on how much you love having them around, is the key to choose great bridesmaids. Never choose bridesmaids based on how uniform they'll look in wedding photographs.
  • Choose bridesmaid gift baskets – Most bride-to-be's gift their bridesmaids before the wedding to show their appreciation. Bridesmaid gift baskets have been growing in popularity, and are full of fun goodies perfect for these fantastic ladies in your life! She'll love opening her bridesmaid gift basket and discovering all the bridesmaid-approved gifts inside!