Cookie Gift Baskets - Bringing Smiles to Just About Everyone!

Finding presents that are nicer or more welcome than our cookie gift baskets is nearly impossible, and there is no need to when choices from our line of deliciously baked goodies are ready to ship today. An abundant selection of tasty treats creatively prepared for a variety of special interests appeals to dog lovers and sports enthusiasts alike. A treat from our bakery lets a thank you or a birthday celebration make a recipient feel extra special and appreciated.

Putting a Sporting Face on a Thank You

A love of football, basketball, baseball and soccer affects young and old, and our sports themed cookie gift baskets let you place your thank you squarely in their ballpark. In any season of the year, sports enthusiasts can find a favorite activity to watch or play. Incorporating a familiar theme that holds a special meaning to them makes our cookies very appealing.

Presenting a Pleasing Gift

Corporations appreciate a gift as much as individuals do, and finding an appropriate one that is well received is easy when you choose one of our thank you cookie gift baskets. A business that sponsored one of your favorite projects or a hole at your charity golf event deserves your appreciation. Sharing a basket of cookies at a mid-morning coffee break lets employees show pride in their employer's community support.

Saying Happy Birthday Memorably

One of our birthday cookie gift baskets with cupcake shapes is a clever way to give a present that is unique as well as delicious. At a family gathering or an office party, our hand decorated goodies are treats to treasure. Decorated in colorful tones and topped with a bright red cherry, the cookies that look like cupcakes get a party off to a great start. Presenting a gift that is one of a kind and something that no one else thought of makes it memorable in every way.

Smiling Puppies Express Appreciation

More than half of the households in the United States own a dog, making it likely that quite a few dog lovers are among your circle of friends and coworkers. Recognizing the bond that dog owners share with their pet by giving one of our cookie gift baskets is more meaningful than you may think. A thank you that comes with smiling puppy faces conveys the depth of your appreciation for a favor, a gift or for a friendship.