Bring People Together to Cook with our Italian-Themed Holiday Gift Baskets

Bring People Together to Cook with our Italian-Themed Holiday Gift Baskets

"I was 32 when I started cooking. Up until then, I just ate." – Julia Child

It is never too early or too late to take a shine to the culinary arts. There are different stages of life in which the call to cook might manifest: a child watching her mother crack eggs in the kitchen, a college student tired of the same old ramen noodles, a young man trying to impress his date, or perhaps a recent retiree in pursuit of a new hobby. Regardless of the reason, inspiration can strike at any time.

The holiday gift baskets we diligently design often combine the best gourmet chocolates, savory snacks, and cheeses that are ready to devour with a simple tear of the package. In addition, we offer a variety of baskets that give the gift of food and a fun cooking activity all in one!

Our Italian Food Holiday Gift does just that. Featuring Italian blend spaghetti, rich marinara sauce, plus some sweet and savory nibbles, this basket says, “Buon appetito!" to anyone receiving it.

Italian food offers elevated comfort on a plate. It really is the best of both worlds, existing as something special and potentially romantic, without being overly stuffy or complicated to make. That is not to say it is without skill or effort, but the holiday gift baskets we create feature high-quality ingredients that can inspire both a novice and a well-practiced cook.

The Holiday Pizza Oven Gift allows any pizza-lover to roll up their sleeves and participate in the creation of their favorite food. Since pizza is such a crowd pleaser, it is great for families with small children who want to be involved in the kitchen. This set comes with everything needed for a hot and satisfying pizza.

Send some Classic Holiday Cheer to friends and family states away. Similar to the Italian Food Holiday Gift, this basket showcases classic Italian flavors with a pasta dinner to prepare, plus crispy cookies, a festive fruit harvest medley, and a variety of treats for a leisurely meal.

Cooking and sharing a meal is just as much about the time spent together as it is about the food itself. Imbuing love and creativity into a meal brings family and friends together, and that is what we hope to encourage through these holiday gift baskets.

Take some time to explore all the options we have and send some happiness this holiday season via!