Hopping Hopefully Over Easter Candy Bar Bouquets!

Easter is one of our favorite holidays here at Bisket Baskets – it's one of the most stress-free holidays during the year, and is a day where we can indulge in candy, celebrate religious beliefs if we so choose, and just enjoy each other's company and all the special people in our lives. Plus, it often involves delicious foods, pastel hues, and oh, a giant bunny! A fun way to celebrate Easter is with a family Easter egg hunt – and a Candy Bar Bouquet at the finish line! Here's how to pull it out without a cinch this Easter.

Easter Candy Bar Bouquet Hunt


· Candy Bar Bouquet(s) of your choosing – think Reese's Candy Gift Basket, M&M Madness Candy Bar Bouquet, and our Sweet Fun Candy Bouquet.

· Multi-colored plastic eggs – about six for each person participating in the egg hunt. Each person should be assigned a specific egg color.

· Small slips of paper and pens – to write messages on and slip inside each egg.

· Candy and small toys – small surprises to fit inside some of the eggs.


1. Decide how many people (kids and adults alike!) will be participating, and assign an egg color to each person.

2. Plan out where you'll be hiding the eggs for each person. The eggs should all be in a row at the starting line, with each person aware of what color they'll be on the hunt for. Then, the clue inside each egg should direct them to the hiding place of the next egg. The clues should be easier/more difficult depending on the egg hunter's age.

3. Slip small pieces of candy or toys inside some of the eggs to give the egg hunter surprises along the way.

4. Decide on final hiding places for the candy bar bouquets – whether you choose to hide just one for the first person to reach it, or you hide one candy bar bouquet for each egg hunter to find. Finding the scrumptious candy bar bouquet will be the finish line for each egg hunter.

Help the egg hunter unwrap his or her candy bar bouquet, and enjoy! We bet the chocolate goodies inside it, like Reese's, M&Ms, and Skittles, certainly won't last long – it's Easter, after all. Just be sure to get there before the Easter bunny hops along and steals all those plastic eggs!