Candy Bouquets Make Perfect Table Centerpieces!

Hosting a birthday party, retirement party, or graduation party? You'll certainly be needing table centerpieces, and what could be more delicious than a Candy Bouquet table centerpiece? Our candy bouquets have been delighting customers for years, and we're always on the lookout for popular candy to whip up into one of our wonderfully tasty candy bouquets. Read on for great ideas on utilizing our candy bouquets as party table centerpieces. Mix and Match Traditional table centerpieces all matched, created a cohesive look to the room. Nowadays, you can craft a singular party theme, yet feel free to be a bit adventurous and mix and match your candy bouquets! For instance, feel free to place our Radical Reese's Candy Bouquet on one table, our M&M Madness Candy Bouquet on another, and even our Skittle-licious Candy Bouquet as yet another table centerpiece! Your room will still have a fun, vibrant theme, and your guests will be even more in awe of the time you took to choose delectable candy bouquets as table centerpieces. Start The Snacking It just always seems to happen that after the dinner and desserts have been served, your guests will be famished just an hour later! Topping your tables with our candy bouquets is the perfect way to provide your guests with a snack as soon as they're hungry. Simply make an announcement that your guests are welcome to enjoy their choice of candy from the bouquet, and we bet you'll suddenly see smiling faces all around the room! Fun, Fabulous Prizes Not only do candy bouquets add such a whimsical, playful touch to your party, but they also double as fabulous door prizes. Many parties have their table guests play a fun game, with the winner of each table taking home the centerpiece. Just imagine how ecstatic your guests will be when they discover they have the chance to take home a candy bouquet! You can choose to affix a small piece of paper underneath each chair, with an “x" for the winner, or have each table play a more interactive game. We suspect your party will become quite a bit more lively once they see what a delicious prize awaits them! No matter your party theme, our Candy Bouquets are destined to take your party's fun level up a notch! You'll be choosing a table centerpiece that's simply unlike no other, as each and every candy bouquet is completely unique. Now sit back and enjoy your spectacular party!