The Five All Time Favorite Cat Lover Gifts

Need a gift that is really exceptional when it comes to the all important unique factor? Well if so, why not select from one of these five all time favorite cat lover gifts for the special feline fanatic friends in your life? Pet owner family members and friends well absolutely love cat lover gifts. But guess who will love it even more? That's right—the lucky kitty! 1. Delicious Gourmet Kitty Treats
These favorite edible cat lover gifts look so good that you know the favorite feline will certainly love them. Our delicious gourmet kitty treats, available in all kinds of cat-friendly fishy flavors, are the perfect items to include in any cat lover's gift basket. Gourmet quality pet treats are just always a lasting favorite! 2. A Brand New Mouse Toy
Perfect as a stand-alone gift or as part of a cat lover gift basket, one thing is certain—every little furry friend needs an even littler furry friend of their very own. Receiving a brand new mouse toy is practically the highlight of any cat's year! And what cat lover wouldn't appreciate that? 3. Cat Entertainment Videos
Is your kitty cat at home alone all by himself or herself all day long? If so, they deserve some cat appropriate entertainment to help them pass the long and lonely day. Cats and kittens of all ages absolutely love cat entertainment videos—they can watch all kinds of attention grabbing critters right on your big screen while you're gone. These cat lover gifts will definitely help kitties pass the time. 4. Crinkle Ball
It's all about the simple pleasures in life—having plenty of gourmet kitty treats, maybe a nice roll in some cat nip, and of course...the all time favorite special cat toy, the crinkle ball. No cat lover gift basket is truly ever complete without including a fascinating crinkle ball. It'll be sure to provide hours upon hours of entertainment for your cat (and for the cat lover too—happiness is contagious you know)! 5. Cat Lover Gift Baskets
Well, we've mentioned it before and we'll talk about it again—because it's just such a popular idea! One of the top all time favorite cat lover gifts is naturally a cat lover gift basket stocked full of all kinds of kitty friendly favorites. Simply have a great assortment of treats and toys wrapped right up in a great cat lover gift basket! Seriously, for all the cat lovers out there, and for the lucky little kitty gift recipients, these top five all time favorite cat lover gifts are a treasure and a treat indeed. They're perfect gifts for that ever so hard to buy for pet lover!