Cookie Bouquets Make a Fun and Delicious Centerpiece for Special Events

Cookie Bouquets Make a Fun and Delicious Centerpiece for Special Events

Oftentimes centerpieces are comprised of flowers or some sort of décor that has to be unpacked for the special occasion and then re-packed once the event is over. But with cookie bouquets from Bisket Baskets, your centerpiece will not only look festive, it will also provide dessert for after dinner, and then there is nothing to pack up or flowers to eventually throw away once they die.

For Birthday Parties: There are a few birthday cookie bouquets to choose from, so you can make get one that goes with your décor. The Happy Birthday Cookie Bouquet comes with cookies in the shape of cupcakes, purple flowers, and with a “happy birthday" cookie balloon in the middle. If your birthday person is a lover of flowers, or the party has a more floral theme, the Happy Birthday Bloom Cookie Bouquet features six colorful hand-decorated cookies with a birthday balloon cookie in the middle. Other fun options include the Happy Bee-Day Cookie Bouquet with bumble bees and flowers, and the Birthday Thoughts Cookie Bouquet with flowers and butterflies. All of these will provide a colorful touch on the food buffet, gift table, or the birthday person's special table.

For Baby Showers: Whether you know if it's a girl or a boy or the parents are waiting to be surprised, there's a cookie bouquet to match their party. The Celebration Cookie Bouquet, with purple flowers and cupcakes with blue bottoms, is great for a gender-neutral baby shower. For showers where you know whether the parents are expecting a girl or a boy, the It's a Girl Cookie Bouquet or It's a Boy Cookie Bouquet makes a fun decorative touch that guests can enjoy for dessert.

For Retirement Parties: Help the retiree celebrate what will feel like summer vacation forever with the Summer Cookie Bouquet. This bouquet features butterfly and flower cookies, with a cookie in the middle that depicts a smiling sun looking cool in its shades.

If you're throwing a fun party or want to bring a unique gift to a party that you're attending, cookie bouquets from Bisket Baskets are a great option!