Four Reasons To Send Champagne Gift Baskets

We think John Maynard Keynes knew just what he was talking about when he so elegantly said, “my only regret in life is that I didn't drink enough Champagne." Champagne just seems to have the effervescent powers to transform any day or situation into an event as sparkling as champagne itself. That's why we're now carrying Champagne Gift Baskets – so you can send your gift recipients some sparkle in the mail. Having a hard time thinking of an occasion where champagne is appropriate? Some of the most “everyday" situations can be celebrated and made into an occasion to remember – complemented by champagne, of course.

New Job or Promotion

The economy is tough these days, and securing a new job or being rewarded with a promotion are certainly reasons to celebrate and splurge a bit. Send our Glasses and Champagne Gift Basket, which includes a bottle of champagne of your choice and two glasses. Clink to new career possibilities!


We hope you remember you and your significant other's anniversary, but we're talking about a friend or family member's anniversary with their significant other! Showing how much you care for a loved one means caring for what they love – their relationship! Surprise them with our Chocolate Fondue and Champagne Gift Basket to help them celebrate their special night.

To Say Thank You

The art of saying “thank you" is one that has fallen off over the last few decades, unfortunately. A simple “thank you" goes a very long way, and in our fast-paced world, shows such great appreciation. When a special person does something wonderful for you, consider saying thank you in just as big a way – with our Champagne Elegance Gift Basket.

No Reason At All

Life is uncertain – in a good way. We never know what's around the next corner or behind the next door, and well, we like it that way! Surprise someone you care about with a champagne gift basket like our Gift of Champagne. It's guaranteed to make their day, and make you feel just as great for gifting it.

Champagne Gift Baskets send the magic of a bubbly night (or morning or afternoon)! There's always a reason to send champagne – even if that reason is “no reason at all." Sending a champagne gift basket to friends or family members will have you feeling wonderful too – so send some champagne happiness their way!