Cheese and Crackers Gift Basket Ideal for Wine Tasting Parties

Looking for a reason to host a wine tasting party? Don't search far - any excuse is a good excuse for wine and cheese! A wine tasting party is an ideal way to get friends and family together, enjoy, learn about wine and experiment with new or unusual taste combinations.

Whether you're pairing wines with specific cheeses, or doing a random taste test based on varying wines, wine parties, featuring white, red and sparkling wines, cheese, crackers, friends and great conversation is a great way to spend any evening.

Throwing a Successful Wine Party
Step 1 – Decide what type of wine and cheese tasting party you'd like to host. There are many versions of wine tasting parties. One idea, keep the party light and fun: invite each guest to bring a bottle of their favorite wine with their favorite cheese. Or find a Cheese and Crackers Gift Basket like the Wine Country Classic Cheese and Crackers Gift Basket featuring Wisconsin and hot pepper cheese. With such a wide selection of cheese combinations available in cheese and crackers gift basket everyone is sure to find a pairing they enjoy. Step 2 – Design a tasting card for guests to vote and take notes on. The tasting card should feature the type of wine, the producing vineyard, the year it was created and a brief description of the wine. As a fun conversational piece after the tasting, have guests rate the wine and vote on their best and least favorites. Do the same for your cheese selections as well. Bonus – To make your party even more fun, offer a blind taste test. Utilizing your tasting cards simply number the bottle you're pouring and let guests, using their senses, identify the wine that best matches the description on the card. The guest that guesses the most correct can receive a vintage bottle of wine or cheese and crackers gift basket. Step 3 – Pairing wine and cheese. Wine and cheese have always been considered a classic combination - no combination is wrong or pairing to outlandish.
  • Pair Parmigiano or Romano styled cheeses with almost any wine.
  • Stilton, or other high quality blue-veined cheeses, is elegant with Port.
  • Roquefort is magical with a French Sauternes.
  • Goat cheese is fantastic served with Sauvignon Blancs.
  • Brie is miraculous with Champagne.
Still not sure which wine and cheeses to pair? Grand Vineyard Collection Cheese and Crackers Gift Basket or Wine with Cheese Gift Basket are a great way to throw a party with pre-paired wines and cheeses that are sure to please!