Chocolate Christmas Baskets: Spread Cheer and Good Health

Mmm…there's nothing better than chocolate during the holidays. It just seems to instantly brighten any day! Chocolate is delicious, but it also has a wealth of mood-boosting and health benefits, which makes it a great choice for gift giving. There are many tangential benefits of chocolate and this year, you can spread those benefits around by gifting those you love with chocolate Christmas gift baskets from The Health Benefits of Chocolate
For centuries, chocolate has been used to improve health and boost mood, but what does the real research say? Well, for example, did you know that:
  • In 2008, a study found that people who ate a small amount of dark chocolate daily had lower levels of a protein that is associated with inflammation?
  • Numerous studies have shown that blood platelets clump together more slowly in chocolate eaters, which means a reduced risk of high blood pressure and improved blood flow.
  • In 2009, a study found that people did a better job of counting backwards in groups of three after they had consumed hot cocoa which contained flavonoids, a compound found naturally in chocolate. Who knows? Maybe eating a bit more chocolate will make balancing your checkbook a bit easier!
  • Certain chocolates are rich in antioxidants which can help boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and improve overall wellness.
Now these are just a few of the findings out there surrounding chocolate and there are more studies being conducted each and every year. But remember –the best part about chocolate isn't just the health benefit. It's so delicious! What You'll Find in Our Chocolate Christmas Baskets
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