Christmas Cookie Gift Baskets – For The Cookie Experts And Amateurs Among Us

Baking holiday cookies is an art form – they need to have a rich taste, be perfectly soft, and expertly iced. Whether you're a Christmas cookie expert or amateur, holiday cookies are a must-have tradition, and friends and family will absolutely adore receiving cookies from you! If you don't exactly consider yourself to be an expert baker, our Christmas Cookie Gift Baskets are baked perfectly and iced beautifully to delight the tastebuds of all of your friends and family. They're a great time saver, and if you'd like to try your hand at baking a few batches of your own cookies, learn from our cookie baking tips!

· Think quality when it comes to ingredients. Using only the richest ingredients, like in our Macadamia Nut Christmas Cookie Gift Basket, greatly increases the likelihood your cookies will taste amazing.

· Use your measuring spoons and cups. Baking is very precise, so always be sure to measure out your ingredients perfectly.

· Say goodbye to cookies sticking to the pan! Spread parchment paper on your pan to ensure your cookies cleanly slide off the pan, making them look as delectable as they taste.

· Cookie dough spreads when baking. Leave about two inches of space between each cookie on your cookie sheet.

· Chewy or crispy cookies? We just love soft, chewy cookies in our Christmas cookie gift baskets, and to achieve this texture, bake them slightly less – baking them a few minutes longer will create crispier cookies.

· Chill cookie dough before baking. This is one of the secrets behind our so scrumptious Christmas cookie gift baskets – place your cookie dough in the refrigerator for about a half hour before baking.

Christmas Cookie Gift Baskets ensure those beautiful holiday traditions stay alive and well – whether you're a cookie baking aficionado or need a little help from your friends at From our kitchen to yours – happy holidays and we hope you and yours enjoy all the treats inside our Christmas cookie gift baskets!