Christmas Cookie Gift Baskets:

Christmas Cookie Gift Baskets and Beyond: Celebrating Christmas Tradition

As teenagers, many of us inwardly cringed upon hearing the word “tradition” from our parents, but as we aged ourselves, we learned to love and celebrate those holiday rituals that are indeed now part of our own holiday traditions. One such tradition for us here at is Christmas Cookie Gift Baskets – we love Christmas cookies, and although we don’t always have the time to make them ourselves, we love nothing more than gifting them to our friends and family as “pre” Christmas gifts. Let’s take a winter stroll through the holiday traditions that so many of us hold with reverence.

Christmas Eve Dinner

Many of us with ancestors from Eastern Europe are well acquainted with Christmas Eve dinner. In some traditions, we celebrate it with a multi-course meal filled with symbolism, from the wafer we share as a first course to the fish we enjoy a few courses in. Whether Christmas Eve dinner is associated with your religion or is a tradition you simple adore, plan out a menu that includes Christmas Eve classics. Ask your parents for their own recipes, and whip up a classic that will delight generations to come. Need an appetizer? Easy – simply lay out one of our Christmas Cookie Gift Baskets, and your guests will be satiated until you’re ready to serve!

Christmas Cookie Gift Baskets

It was a holiday tradition for our parents to spend a full weekend in the kitchen baking Christmas cookies, and although we certainly want to continue on with gifting holiday cookies, we just don’t have the time to spend in the kitchen anymore. So, just like you, we’re choosing scrumptious Christmas Cookie Gift Baskets filled with a variety of cookielicious delights, to gift to our loved ones as a festive way to get in the holiday spirit!

Eggnog and Fruitcake

Eggnog and fruitcake are those two holiday traditions that we say “well, maybe…” to – they’re not quite a delicious morsel on the holiday dinner table, but what’s a Christmas without gifting a fruitcake or having a cup of eggnog with relatives? Put your own (better) spin on it by looking up low fat egg nog recipes, and creating a fruitcake that the recipients really do want to sink their teeth into. Maybe you’ll get a Christmas Cookie Gift Basket in return ;-)