The Three Best Christmas Food Gift Baskets to Give Your College Kid this Year

Who's harder to shop for than a college kid? Parents can easily go wrong by buying an old video game or last year's designer shoes for their college-aged child. Despite all the things that your college kid does not like, they can all agree on one good item: food. When your child comes home from college, where is the first place they usually go to? The kitchen, of course!. Now is the perfect time to give them a Christmas food basket from our selection that you just know they will love this holiday season!

There are several options to choose from when it comes to food, but the best way to give it as a gift is to provide them with a themed Christmas food basket. You can go in several directions with this starting with our Holiday Pizza Oven Gift. This example of a fun food basket gives your college kid the classic comfort food, and who doesn't love pizza? A pizza basket allows the baker to create the perfect pie to their liking from the gourmet mozzarella cheese to the holiday hot mitt and towels.

Aside from pizza, some college kids love to be fit and try to eat healthy foods. The perfect Christmas food basket for the health conscious collegiate is the Chocolate Quest Protein Christmas Bouquet. It comes with nine protein Quest Bars of different chocolate flavors from Mint Chocolate Chunk to Chocolate Peanut Butter. A protein bar basket tells that special student you know that you're thinking about their sweet tooth, but you also understand they're healthy lifestyle.

For that college student you know who never quite grew out of loving Christmas, our Christmas Morning Breakfast Gift has all ingredients geared towards the magic of Christmas morning! With tasty goodies that are included to recreate that mystical wonder that comes with waking up on Christmas, our gift basket comes with Farmhouse Pancake Mix (that can feed 12!), jam, syrup, and coffee, all wrapped in a snowflake mixing bowl. A Christmas morning spent making pancakes with your child brings back memories of their younger years.

A Christmas food basket is the way to go for any college student – from the pickiest eaters to the ones who will eat just about anything you put in front of them. If there is anything all young adults love, it is food - so check out all our food baskets at!