Three Complements To Complete Christmas Food Gift Baskets

Whether it’s March or October, we’re just so excited for the Christmas holiday and festive spirit of those merry days of “ho ho ho”! We plan our Christmas lists long in advance, and you can bet they’re filled with the delectable delights inside our Christmas Food Gift Baskets. We created our Christmas Food Gift Baskets after hearing feedback from our loyal customers on how much they loved the gourmet goodies in our Christmas gift baskets – so we created food gift baskets full of them!

Here’s a few ways to add an extra special touch to your gift of Christmas food gift baskets!

Wine is the perfect complement to start and finish a great meal! Only the best meals start with a toast, so when choosing a dinner gift basket, such as our Grandma’s Pantry Gift Basket, think about the type of wine that pairs best with the main ingredients in your Christmas food gift basket. Is it Italian? Think Cabernet Sauvignon!

Appetizers are always a welcome complement to a Christmas food gift basket. After all, the time till your guests arrive always seems to fly by faster than you thought it would, and the time your main dish needs to still cook always seems to slow down! Send an appetizer, such as bruschetta toasts and spread, over to the gift recipient or bring along to the party to gift to the host, along with the food gift basket.

Desserts are a delicious addition to any meal! First, consider the Christmas food gift basket you’ll be gifting – tiramisu would be ideal for a simpler meal like our Quick and Easy Spaghetti Dinner Gift Basket. Whipping up a more elaborate meal like the one in our Health Family Meal Gift Basket? Send along a homemade pie, such as apple and cinnamon, to the gift recipient to cap off a great meal!

Christmas Food Gift Baskets are such an affordable and efficient way to gift an entire family, or to really “wow” a treasured friend or client! Send an extra dash of “I Appreciate You” by including a special complement along to the recipient that’s heavy on thought and lean on your wallet – simply follow our lead!