Christmas Food Gift Baskets:

3 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Family – Including Christmas Food Gift Baskets

Many of us have a pretty lengthy holiday gift list, with gifts needed for brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends. Yet, we don't quite the bottomless budget to buy all the gifts we'd love to purchase for all these special people in our lives. Instead, look at your holiday gift list in terms of family units, as opposed to individual persons. Sure, not everyone on your list is part of one family unit, but for those that are – such as your brothers and sisters and their families, think Christmas Food Gift Baskets this year. They're a large enough gift for the entire family to get excited about and enjoy, filled with treats for every member of the family. Some even have pet treats for the four-legged family members! Here's some family gifting ideas, including Christmas Food Gift Baskets.

DIY Movie Basket

We think we know a thing or two about what goes into a great gift basket, and a gift basket that we've personally created for our friends and family is our “DIY Movie Basket." Simply include a gift certificate to a local movie rental store, or even to modern dvd rental conveniences, such as Redbox or Netflix. Include several bags of microwave popcorn, movie theater size candy, and soft drinks. It's a great way to encourage a family get-together night, while gifting the entire family!

Christmas Food Gift Baskets

We've taste-tested and approved every single item that goes into our Christmas Food Gift Baskets, and we're confident that the lucky family who receives one of our Christmas Food Gift Baskets from you, such as our Healthy Family Meals Holiday Gift Basket, will be over the moon when they see the several meals inside of it! Plus, it's also another good way to get the family together for dinner and even to cook these scrumptious meals together.

Photo Printer and Photo Frames

So many of us fall victim to taking tons of great shots of our families on our digital cameras…and then never printing them off. Photo printers range cost around $75-$100 on average these days, and as most families have digital cameras, make for a useful gift. Include some photo frames so the family can quickly and easily print off their favorite memories and display them around their home. Want to include a little something extra? Christmas Food Gift Baskets, like our Gourmet Pizza Making Kit, are affordable and complement just about any gift you're giving this holiday season!