What To Give The Dog Lover Who Has It All: Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers

Ever notice that as we age, it’s more and more difficult to find unique gifts for the special people in our lives, especially during the holiday season when we’re already so busy? We all have pretty much everything we need in our lives, so coming up with creative gift ideas is not so easy! Leave the worries to us this holiday season – our crafty gifting experts know just the suggestions for Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers #1: Holiday Dog Gift Baskets

Both dogs and their owners need to eat a delicious and healthy meal, right? We’ve created Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers that are intended for both pets and humans, including our Pizza Pals Care Package, filled with a pizza kit for the dog lovers, and pizza-shaped dog biscuits for the dogs!

Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers #2: Dog Sweater

Dog coats and sweaters are typically best given to dog lovers who own smaller dogs, as they’ll not only feel more comfortable in the dog sweater, but they really do need the extra warmth! Consider choosing a dog sweater with a cute pattern or the first letter of the dog’s name on it.

Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers #3: Gourmet Goodies

Just like our meal gift baskets for dogs and owners, we also have gift baskets filled with gourmet goodies for our two-legged and four-legged gift recipients this holiday season! Our Thinking Of You & Fido Too at the Holidays includes gourmet cheeses and crackers for dog lovers and gourmet dog biscuits for the dogs – among other delicious foods.

Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers #4: Dog Portrait

We’re not talking about one of those stuffy portraits or your dog, or a cheesy one, either – whether you ask to borrow the gift recipient’s dog for a few hours or give a gift certificate to a pet photographer, this dog portrait is meant to be all things modern. You’ll want to choose a plain white background and photograph an image of their dog at his or her cutest. So simple, and a piece of art for the home, at the same time!

The holidays are a time to gift the wonderful people in your life, an if they’re lucky enough to be dog lovers, then you know just what Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers to gift this holiday season!