5 Creative Ways To Indulge In Your Holiday Food Gift Baskets

We've had many loyal customers over the last thirteen years here at BisketBaskets.com, and although we of course love the business, we love something even more: their feedback! We're pretty chatty here, and we just love hearing what gourmet goodies they adored in their Holiday Food Gift Baskets or what the recipient loved, as well as creative ways they indulged in all the tantalizing treats. We're often surprised to hear about the impromptu wine and cheese parties that blossomed out of receiving a cheese holiday gift basket, or the smoked salmon, cream cheese, and bagel breakfast for the family the day after Christmas. Here's just 5 of our favorite creative “things to do with your Holiday Food Gift Baskets" list!

  1. Make Appetizers Easy: Holiday gift baskets, like our Grand Christmas Gift Basket, often feature one important element: a diverse (and delicious) range of goodies including themed snack mix, pistachios, toffee pretzels, cheese spread, and more. Simply pour the snack mix, pistachios, and pretzels into small bowls, and place the cheese spread on a tray with some crackers. Voila – instant appetizer selection.

  2. After Dinner Coffee/Tea: Isn't it so nice to relax after a holiday or family dinner by brewing a pot of coffee or tea? Many of our Holiday Food Gift Baskets, such as our Holiday Chocolatier Gift Basket, features premium GODIVA coffee in several varieties. That's dessert and coffee in the same cup!

  3. Chocolate Stocking Stuffers: Uh oh, it's the night before Christmas and all through the house…not a stocking is stuffed?! The gift recipient of chocolate themed Holiday Food Gift Baskets like our Holly Jolly Christmas Gift Basket will be able to fill those holiday stockings with goodies like white cheddar popcorn, caramel popcorn, chocolate Santa cookies, keylime taffy chews, and more.

  4. Christmas Morning Breakfast: Christmas morning is a bustle of activity, and making breakfast for the entire family isn't always easy when the festive chaos is taking place. The recipient of our Coffee and Donuts Care Package will be thanking you for making Christmas morning so easy on them!

  5. Adults-Only Aperitif: Tuck the kids away to sleep on the night before Christmas and leave the adults to enjoy one of Holiday Food Gift Baskets…with wine included! Gift baskets like The VIP Treatment Holiday Wine Gift Basket feature a bottle of wine and gourmet treats like parmesan artichoke cheese biscuits, smoked salmon, and chocolate cookies. We think that's a fitting way to unwind before the little ones wake up on Christmas morning!