Christmas Wine Gift Baskets and More: 5 Gifts For The Newlyweds In Your Life

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.
~Norman Vincent Peale

We absolutely agree with Mr. Peale – the holidays are a wonderful time, and if you are have newlyweds in your circle of friends or in your family, you know that they are not only basking in the newlywed glow, but have the magic of the holidays also swirling around them. Celebrate the festivities and add to the mirth by gifting them with gifts that support their newlywed status – including gorgeous Christmas Wine Gift Baskets to cheer to “health, wealth, and happiness" with!

Newlywed Holiday Gift #1: Christmas Wine Gift Baskets

Gift baskets make for perfect gifts all year round, but sprinkle some holiday magic on them by choosing Christmas Wine Gift Baskets, complete with delicious wines, and topped off in a stunning holiday-themed gift basket. Our California Wine Tasting Gift Basket is a perfect example of an exceptional holiday wine gift basket.

Newlywed Holiday Gift #2: Framed Candid Wedding Photo

Did you capture that candid, unposed-for photo of the bride and the groom having a great time on the dance floor, or giving each other a peck on the cheek when no one was looking? Get it framed and gift to the newlyweds to remind them of the fun and warmth of their wedding.

Newlywed Holiday Gift #3: Piggy Bank

Okay, you don't have to give them a hot pink piggy bank, but you can give them the modern, adult version of one! Look in home décor stores to find one, and write a note to include with the gift that it's for the couple to stash all of their change to save for a great vacation together in the future.

Newlywed Holiday Gift #4: Dinner, in a Gift Basket

No matter what year it is or how fast-paced life becomes, isn't it so nice to sit down to a home-cooked meal together? Our Christmas Pantry Gift Basket has not only one meal in it, but several – everything from pasta baked with garlic cream sauce to a pizza kit to make eight slices of pizza! We think one of our Christmas Wine Gift Baskets would make complement it perfectly, too!

Newlywed Holiday Gift #5: Online Movie Subscription

Do the newlyweds in your life happen to subscribe to an online movie subscription service, perhaps starting with an “N" and ending with “flix"? If not, this is a perfect gift for them – purchase a one year subscription, and they'll have a wonderful time at home watching tv shows and movies. Perhaps they can even enjoy a bottle of wine from our Christmas Wine Gift Baskets while viewing!

Both our Christmas Wine Gift Baskets and our “all year round" Wine Gift Baskets make excellent gifts, particularly for newlyweds who are toasting to only future happiness to come!