Institutional Delivery

Hospital Delivery
For delivery to hospitals, please include recipient's room number, and ensure before ordering that recipient is not scheduled for discharge within the window of delivery. For patients in critical care, floral arrangements, fruit baskets or balloons may not be permissible. Telephone the hospital before ordering to inquire about their policies. Hotel Delivery
For delivery to hotels, it is best to first contact the hotel and ask permission to send the gift, confirm the hotel delivery address and ask what is required on the package to ensure delivery. Funeral Home Delivery
For deliveries to funeral homes it is necessary to provide as much information as possible at the time of ordering. We request that you provide the following information: name of deceased, name of funeral home, viewing dates and times and phone number to funeral home. This information will certainly assist in the delivery process. Colleges & Universities Delivery
For deliveries into Colleges and Universities and even school systems it is necessary to include all important information such as recipient's name, College/University name, dorm name, dorm room number so that the recipient will receive your gift as quickly as possible. Our couriers (UPS, USPS etc) deliver directly to the school. At that time the package is in the hands of the school's own mail sorting/delivery service. It is possible that your gift will show delivered by the carrier and the student not have the gift in hand as it may take an additional day for the internal mail system to deliver.