How to Go the Extra Mile for Rental Guests

How to Go the Extra Mile for Rental Guests

Welcoming guests to your rental home or spare room can be an exciting venture for rental owners. As a rental owner, it's no surprise that guests come in all shapes and sizes with different tastes and expectations. Families come to enjoy their time off from school or work, couples escape to enjoy a romantic getaway, or a group of traveling friends planning to explore the town. While it can be exciting to get to know your guests, the art of creating a memorable experience for your guests can be overwhelming.

Check out our tips for welcoming your vacation rental guests to your rental:

Stock the fridge

After a night or day of traveling, your guests may want to take it easy and stay in. Make their stay a little easier for them by providing some basic ingredients they might need to make a quick meal. Some examples of food/drinks to leave your guests include like water, orange juice, fruits, eggs, and other foods so your guests won't need to run to the store their first night.

Give the gift of local goodies

As visitors are coming to explore a different city, state, or country, they will want to experience the local flavors of the town they are visiting. Local coffee beans, candy, or other hometown goodies are a great way for guests to bring home a taste of their vacation.

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Prepare for the worst

Finally, your guests may have an unexpected halt in their vacation plans due to harsh weather like snow or rain. Make sure your rental home or room has plenty of fun things to do like board games, cards, and books in case your guests are left without electricity.

It's easy to go the extra mile for your guests. Between so many guests, it can be hard to find new and creative ways to welcome your guests. Bisket Baskets offers a wide selection of gift baskets, cookie bouquets, candy bouquets, meal gift baskets, and pet gift baskets for every occasion and taste bud!