2 of Our Favorite Reasons to Send Along a Cookie Bouquet Delivery!

There are countless occasions for which a cookie bouquet delivery makes a spectacular gift choice. There are birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, congratulations, thinking of you, and more. But we have two particular occasions in mind that we feel are especially perfect. And here they are! After an Awesome First Date: So you got past the first date jitters and ended up having a lot of fun and making a real connection. Let us be the first to say we're excited for you! Maybe you've already got a second date lined up, maybe you're going to play it cool and see if he or she reaches out first. We'll leave that decision in your court, and simply wish you the best of luck! After a great first date, many guys (and some girls!) like to send something special to the other person, with a bouquet of flowers being a popular pick. However, some are afraid that a floral bouquet might be a ‘bit much' this early in the game. A cookie bouquet delivery, however? Now that is just right! A cookie bouquet delivery is unexpected and fun, and doesn't carry the same romantic implications that flowers might. It lets your date know that you had a wonderful time and want to see them again without potentially scaring them off. For Someone Special Who Just Got Home from the Hospital: As anyone who has had an extended stay in the hospital understands, there is no feeling on Earth that compares to walking into your own house for the first time in days, weeks, or even months. Some might even say that simply being home was one of the most important aspects of their recovery journey. When someone we love gets to come home from the hospital, it is only natural for us to want to send them something special. We're happy they're on the recovery path, and want to make their day even brighter! However, sending flowers isn't always an ideal option, making a cookie bouquet delivery all the sweeter. Sometimes people are released from the hospital with certain restrictions, and those restrictions can include that they not have any fresh flowers in their home while they heal. A cookie bouquet delivery, however? Those are usually just fine! Not only will they get something sweet to enjoy, but they won't have to deal with having a beautiful floral bouquet graciously sent to them that they aren't able to keep. A cookie bouquet delivery ensures that even if their appetite isn't 100% just yet, at least they'll be able to look at the pretty cookies until they're ready to eat ‘em up!