The Best Three Cookie Bouquets to Give Your Secretary for Administrative Assistant's Day

Administrative Assistant's Day is coming up on April 27th, so now is the time to let your secretary know that you appreciate all of their hard work. Cookie bouquets are a sweet twist on a classic gift: a bouquet that you can eat! We have so many wonderful gifts that are perfect for showing your appreciation that it's nearly impossible to choose! This handy guide to cookie bouquets narrows the list down to our top three!

Thank You Blooms Cookie Bouquet

You could give them flowers, like you have every year, or you could give them one of these delicious floral cookie bouquets! The best part of your workday is walking into the office in the morning to a friendly hello from your secretary, and they're always there to offer support and a kind word when you need encouragement. Show him or her that they brighten your day with a sweet treat in the shape of a bouquet of flowers!

Thanks a Buzzilion Cookie Bouquet

Tell your secretary that they're the bee's knees with this adorable bee-themed cookie bouquet. Every day, your secretary is a busy bee, filing paperwork, faxing invoices, making calls day in and day out. Your office simply wouldn't be able to function without him or her. These cute hand-decorated cookies in the shape of bees, honeycomb, and flowers will show them that you take notice of all their hard work and that you really appreciate all that they do.

Lady Bug Thank You Cookie Bouquet

This Lady Bug gift basket is one of the cutest cookie bouquets you will ever see! These adorable little pastel lady bugs will be sure to brighten their day, and look great on their desk. Your secretary will know that they are appreciated as they snack on these hand-decorated cookies in the shape of lady bugs and flowers throughout the day. They're perfect for getting them through that mid-afternoon slump!

Your secretary does more for you than you realize. Your office really couldn't function without them! Show him or her that you appreciate all of their hard work throughout the day by getting them one of Bisket Baskets' delicious cookie bouquets for Administrative Assistant's Day.