You Can't Go Wrong with Cookie Gift Baskets

While our cookie gift baskets make a wonderful present for plenty of common gift-giving occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas, what we love most about them is that they are the ideal gift for those “I really have no idea what to send" moments in life. You know – those occasions for which you know you should definitely send something, but the right gift simply escapes you. The simple truth is, just about everyone loves cookies! They're a dessert unto themselves, pair perfectly with coffee or milk, bring back warm memories of our childhood, and are never perceived as over-the-top. Thinking outside the box, we've put together a short list of just some of the scenarios for which one of our cookie gift baskets makes a smart, thoughtful choice… As a ‘Thank You' following a job interview. There is no denying that today's job market is especially tough. It is definitely an employer's market, with tons of well-qualified candidates vying for the same position, making it an arduous battle to stand out from the pack. If you're going on job interviews every week, sending one of our cookie gift baskets to each potential employer isn't likely financially plausible. However, if an interview goes exceptionally well, and you want to do something extra to leave a good impression, they do make a delicious way to do so. A cookie gift can be extra beneficial if the current employees have a say in who fills a position. After all, do you want to have the person who sent you cookies as your new coworker, or one of the people who didn't? I know who I'd rather! As a ‘Thanks for bearing with us' gift to a neighbor. While some neighbors are fast to complain the second you make a bit of noise after 9 pm, there are plenty who quietly endure a disturbance from the norm for the sake of being neighborly. Perhaps you've been hammering away in the backyard for a week putting up a new deck for 12 hours a day, or maybe your new puppy has been barking up a storm at her own shadow during her 2 am potty break. Whatever the scenario, if your neighbors have been nice enough to grin and bear it, sending one of our cookie gift baskets their way is a friendly way of saying ‘thanks'. And hey – maybe one day they'll be building a deck of their own and the cookie fairy will make a stop at your door!