Cookie Gift Baskets Make For Creative Favors and Table Centerpieces

Beautiful table centerpieces and party favors are a must for important celebrations. From a graduation party to a milestone birthday, planning a fun party is a must! There are so many details that go into planning a party, and we're here to help. Our Cookie Gift Baskets are perfect for a party – here's some great ways to incorporate these delicious, bakery fresh, and beautifully iced cookie bouquets into your festivities! Cookie Gift Basket Centerpieces
So you're trying to decide on that pretty and unique centerpiece for each table. We're here to make choosing a centerpiece easy – simply use a cookie gift basket! Your centerpiece will look so unique and interesting, and your guests are sure to remember it. The beautiful hand icing and detail will leave your party guests in awe. Check out all the different styles you have, and we know you'll find one that's ideal for your party theme. We even personalize the center cookie with a custom message from you! Not only that, but they're tasty too. We use a butter cream cookie recipe to ensure our cookies remain deliciously soft from our oven to your party. Read on to learn more about how cookie gift basket centerpieces double as unique party favors, too! Cookie Gift Baskets As Party Favors
Trying to decide on that perfect party favor? We have a variety of cookie gift baskets for you to choose from to match your party's theme. Each cookie is individually shrink wrapped in our cookie bouquets, making it easy for your guests to split apart the cookie gift basket table centerpiece and enjoy more dessert at home! Cookie party favors are a hit at bridal showers, baby showers, kid's birthdays, and just about any event. Check out all of our fun styles to find that perfect one to fit your occasion. Check out our Cookie Gift Baskets FAQ page for more information on our cookie bouquets – except for our secret recipe! If you want to learn more about our cookie gift baskets or need help choosing the right one for your event, just contact us and we'll be glad to lend a helping hand!