The Four People Who Would Adore Cookie Gift Baskets Delivered From Us

As the carolers are singing “ho ho ho" this holiday season, our lives are becoming increasingly more “go go go." It seems like the holidays fly by in the blink of an eye, and if you're like us, we try to squeeze as much family and friends time into the holidays as possible. That leaves just a few hours for shopping, and there's always those precious people in our lives who we forget to put on our gift list, but would love to say a nice “thank you" to during the holidays. We're always here to help make your life just that much easier, and not only do we have a list of those people to jog your over-taxed memory, but we have the delectable Cookie Gift Baskets Delivered that can be sent right to them – all you need to do is click a button and it's on its way!

Your Community's Religious Leader

Your priest, rabbi, minister, etc – isn't it so common to forget to gift such a wonderful person when we're caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays? Your community's religious leader can certainly use some perfectly baked oatmeal pecan cookies, macadamia nut cookies, and more – like those inside our Holiday Gold Gift Tower filled with gourmet snacks and cookies.

Your Child's Boy Scout or Girl Scout Leader

Many boy scout and girl scout troops cancel their regular meetings during the holiday season, so it's easy to forget to gift this responsible leader in your life who never ceases to come up with fun games and activities for your child. Let us help you send cookie gift baskets delivered right to his or her doorstep, such as our Christmas Cookies Care Package, filled with over four delicious cookie varieties!

Your Boss

We get quite a few last minute Christmas gift basket orders during the holidays, and in many cases, it's from people who couldn't believe that they forgot to gift, of all people, their boss! We suggest getting your fellow co-workers together and chipping in a few dollars each to get cookie gift baskets delivered to your boss's office – and hopefully he or she will share.

Your Next Door Neighbors

We hope you're lucky enough to have great neighbors, but when it comes down to it, dealing with neighbors is often an art form. It's a balance of give and take, as you all want to have a peaceful neighborhood. Send some holiday peace to your neighbors by having cookie gift baskets delivered to them – it's a nice surprise, and we bet they won't expect it!

Fighting your way through traffic just isn't worth the headache this holiday season. Instead, pride yourself on how thoughtful you and your family are by getting Cookie Gift Baskets Delivered to those wonderful people in your life that might be outside your day to day circle. Spread the holiday cheer around.