Press Release December 9, 2006

There are many gift options for those with family that can't come home this holiday season. Parker, CO (PRWEB) December 9, 2006 -- For the many families with members serving in the military, the holidays can be a stressful time. Absence from the family gift exchange can be difficult enough for families at home, but trying to decide a suitable gift and logistics of overseas delivery can be a taxing task as well. Dealing with the restrictions for sending packages to military bases overseas has caused quite a headache over the years. Shipping certain common toiletries items such as aerosol shaving cream or deodorant is now more difficult; perishables such as chocolate are discouraged because of temperature differences on the plane and on the ground; and reading materials can be quite heavy. Additionally, incorrect documentation and improper packing can result in unexpected returns. Because of the current military activity overseas, many merchants with online stores have taken a step forward, and offered "care package" service online for no additional fee. One of the forerunners in this service is Bisket Baskets provides made-to-order gift baskets designed to take the stress out of shipping and shopping for the military family. All baskets are personalized, made-to-order, and include a hand-written message. Melody Curry and Gail Bohall, owners of Bisket Baskets are glad to show their appreciation for the sacrifice our military makes. "We're honored to provide this service for our troops. It's the least we can do to make their Christmas more enjoyable." For more information on Bisket Baskets, visit them online at Bisket Baskets And More. *Press Release wired by Read this article in full.