Dog and Owner Gift Baskets

Whether the new pet owner lives by themselves or already has their own family started, welcoming a new pet into your life instantly makes for a family. Celebrate the new puppy by surprising the pet owner with one of our Dog and Owner Gift Baskets! Having a new dog can sometimes be overwhelming. Puppies are adorable, but they're also a massive ball of energy. It's difficult for puppy owners to pull themselves away from those oh-so-cute eyes and floppy ears to have to run to the pet store, so bring the essentials to them! Here's our favorite Dog and Owner Gift Baskets products:
  • Dog Treats - That little puppy is going to be one hungry boy or girl. Dog treats, like the gourmet dog biscuits and healthy dog bones in our dog gift baskets are a must! They're dog-approved, and by the way our resident dogs munch on them, they must be quite tasty.
  • Dog Toys - Puppies love to nibble, so give the new puppy a cute dog toy to nibble on, rather than the furniture! A dog and owner gift basket should always contain fun dog toys so that puppy can enjoy themselves. Plus, you'll find yourself with an instant canine friend.
  • Pill Pocket Treats
  • Something For Owner, Too - It's great to also include a special gift for the pet owner, too, in the gift basket. Our Best Buddies Gift For Dog and Owner contains delicious treats for the pooch, and scrumptious chocolates and cookies for the pet owner, too!
We know a thing or two about choosing the perfect Dog and Owner Gift Baskets at Let us put you on the path to selecting that special dog gift basket that's sure to impress.