Get Well Jingle Bells: Sending Dog Get Well Gift Baskets This Holiday Season

You know how much we love the holiday season here at – it's a dazzling time full of friends, family, love and warmth. Yet, if you or a friend or family member has a sick pet, you know how much the holidays can hurt – you only want the pet to get well and continue to bring happiness to his or her owner and family. It's important that you show the owner how much you care about them and their pet, and sending Dog Get Well Gift Baskets in holiday-themed gift baskets is a wonderful way to do just that! We know just the thing to put the “holiday jingle" back in their step this holiday season.

Dog Get Well Gift Baskets

We're so proud to say that we've been crafting gorgeous gift baskets for over 13 years now, but it seems like just yesterday that we were starting out crafting unique dog gift baskets. We heard great feedback from our customers on how they sent dog gift baskets to friends and family with sick pets, and the baskets were not only fun for Fido, but also for showing the dog owner how much you care about them. We went on to create specific Dog Get Well Gift Baskets, such as our Sick As A Dog Gift Basket, which comes packed full of healthy dog treats, such as organic dog biscuits, all natural dog treats, freeze dried peanut butter, and a super-cute plush “chill pill" dog toy.

Chicken Soup For Dog and Owner

We all know how chicken soup can warm the heart and make you almost magically feel better when you're sick. Chicken soup for dogs really does exist – check your pet store for the dog-only kind. Gift that special person and canine in your life with chicken soup “for humans", as well as chicken soup specially made for dogs. It's a creative, thoughtful gift, and you can combine it with one of our Dog Get Well Gift Baskets, such as our cute and useful Pet Daily Dose Vitamin and Pill Minder!

Rest and Relaxation

Sometimes all we need to feel better is a little R&R – even our four legged friends! Gift the dog owner in your life a spa gift card, and choose a comfy dog bed for his or her sick pet. It's a nice way to help both dog and owner relax and rest while Fido recuperates. Our Dog Get Well Gift Basket is a nice addition to this, and includes Pill Pocket Treats to make giving Fido pills a whole lot easier!

If you have a friend or family member with a sick or recuperating pet this holiday season, gift Dog Get Well Gift Baskets. It'll put a smile on the dog owner and brighten his or her outlook, and we can bet Fido will pick up on that positive mood, too!