Celebrating One Year of Puppy Love—Dog Gift Baskets to Commemorate a Milestone

There's no denying that puppies are absolutely adorable and taking one home is a momentous occasion. You can even shop dog gift baskets to welcome him home. It's all excitement and happiness! Sure enough, though, the honeymoon is over amidst potty accidents and chewed up shoes. But, nonetheless, the first year of puppy parenthood, with all its trials and tribulations, is certainly one to be celebrated. Even as experts in dog gift baskets, we understand typical first-year challenges! A Year in Photos Whether you're an avid scrapbooker or just have a pile of pictures, do something to encapsulate your puppy's first year. Put together that scrapbook, adding vet notes, obedience school diplomas, and other mementos. Not feeling so creative, or pressed for time? Get a decorative box from your local craft store and put it all together. Done! Write a Note Consider putting pen to paper and handwriting a note about your puppy's first year. Time moves fast and memories fade. Years from now, you'll appreciate reliving this special time that is over all too soon! Birthday Gifts Odds are, you went through many puppy supplies in that first year. From toys that were annihilated in minutes and Kong™ teethers lost forever in rigorous play, to a variety of bedding options that were pulled apart at the seam, your puppy was probably an adorable and destructive machine! Well, he's a bit more mature and wise now. Reward him with a new, comfy bed or toys made for his more subdued demeanor. Or, better yet, dog gift baskets that have toys and treats just for him! Ideas for the Big Day
  • Have professional photos taken in cute costumes or in your puppy's favorite park
  • Throw a party and invite the neighborhood dogs
  • Check out dog gift baskets and find one that makes a perfect gift
  • Find great recipes online for a special puppy dinner
  • Make an appointment for grooming and extra pampering
We've Come a Long Way, Baby The first puppy birthday is really a celebration for you both! Spend the day together doing all your favorite things and take a look back over the past year to see how far you've come! When you get home, enjoy some of the treats in your dog gift basket.