Dog Gift Baskets That Will Have Them Begging For More!

All our Dog Gift Baskets come with a paws-up stamp of approval! Whether it's your best Beagle's birthday, or you know a wonderful Weimaraner who's under the weather, we've got dog gift baskets you're sure to dig. Dog Gift Baskets, like this Just BePaws one, also make perfect people presents, as many dog owners spend all their spare dollars on doggy's happiness anyway! wants to make your dog gift baskets search as pawsitive as possible, so we've arranged some best-selling favorites by price to help you get out the door for that walk a little more quickly! Dog Gift Baskets Under $15
Lazy Dog Cookies are the perfect treat for portly pups. With three flavors to choose from, you can mix it up, or find Fido's favorite. Full of beneficial ingredients, these make a healthy choice for active dogs as well. Keep some on hand for a new trick learned, or just a treat well-earned. Under $25
Is your dog celebrating her third birthday? Well, in dog years she's 21! It's not best to give her any real alcohol, but you can spoil her with Bark Vineyards savory au-jus sauce for dry food. We are proud to offer four varietals, including the full-bodied Barkundy, to perfectly complement her meal choice! Got a little one more interested in nibbling on your fingers than anything else? A listing of dog gift baskets wouldn't be complete without addressing that popular puppy issue – biting! The Bite Meez Bag comes packed with a bite-back tool! Don't worry, we wouldn't carry anything to actually hurt your furry friend, but if your dog gets too aggressive playing with this squeaky puppet, you can correct her behavior with a gentle hand 'bite'. When she learns her lesson, break out the treats (also included!) so she knows she's made you proud. Under $50
We hate that it happens, but sometimes our tail-wagging wonders get a little unwell, just like us. Dog Gift Baskets, such as the Back On Your Paws Set, can help ease the furrows above those puppy-dog eyes. Because also, just like us, every pup loves a present! Under $100
Calling all Top Dogs! This Paw Print Party Dog Gift will have them hounding you for just a nibble! Make your barker's birthday memorable with the included cake. And don't worry if she doesn't finish – there's a doggy bag too!