Use Dog Gift Baskets To Create a Fido-Friendly Feast This Holiday Season

We all know that we shouldn't be feeding our dogs scraps from the table – especially the calorie-laden (and oh so wonderfully delicious) food on our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables. Yet, when your dog looks up at you with “that look" that makes you weak in the knees, it's hard to not set out a plate of spinach soufflé for Fido to enjoy while the rest of the family digs in. This holiday feast, it's time to keep your dog healthy – think Dog Gift Baskets, full of gourmet dog treats like the apple spice barkery dog treats in our Bark Avenue Gourmet Dog Gift Basket! You can give in to your dog's “look", while still keep your puppy healthy and in shape. Here's some ideas on how to keep your dog involved in holiday dinners, without him or her begging at the table!

Need a gift for the host/ess? Dog Gift Baskets are it!

We bet you've got a few family members who say they absolutely don't want a gift this holiday season – but if you're spending Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner in their home, it's hard to not want to bring along a gift. If they have a dog, you're in luck – bring Dog Gift Baskets for the dog, which sends a heart-warming message to the host or hostess that you thought about their interests. Plus, our Dog Pound Gift Basket has treats like Berry Blastz Organic Dog Biscuits and Turkey and Taterz Biscuits to keep the family dog occupied while you dig in to that gorgeous turkey!

Dogs can eat dessert, too! Kind of…

Our four-legged friends may not be able to indulge in the scrumptious dessert treats that us humans can, but dogs are in luck – dog-friendly ice cream is a reality! Our Good Dog Gift Basket features freeze dried ice cream and a 7" hand iced bone gourmet biscuit so your dog can enjoy some after-dinner dessert just like the rest of the family.

They can even have an after-dinner drink!

Fido would love a great brew after his freeze-dried ice cream and hand iced gourmet biscuit, wouldn't he? Er, not an alcohol-filled one! The Bowser Beer Cock-a-Doodle Brew in our Holiday Dog Pound Gift Basket does resemble the look of a real craft brew bottle, and it's filled with good-for-dogs glucosamine for healthy joints. Your dog will love the taste, and you'll get quite a few laughs from the family, too!

We're proud to carry creative Dog Gift Baskets all year round, along with our unique Christmas Dog Gift Baskets that come with holiday-themed treats and packaging. We hope you and Fido have a wonderful holiday season, and are both full of healthy treats during holiday feasts!