Say Thanks To Your Dog Sitter With Dog Gift Baskets

As a dog owner, going on vacation and having to leave Baxter at home is never an easy decision, but it's hard to find an affordable hotel or condo that is pet-friendly, too. We typically leave our dogs with our dog-friendly family and friends while we're away, and as it's never easy to have another dog suddenly in the house, we always want to say thank you for doing such a great job taking care of them! Dog Gift Baskets are always a fantastic way to say thank you for dog sitting, but here's some other post-vacation ways to show your gratitude.
  • Send A Restaurant Gift Certificate – Dog sitters typically tend to stay in when they're watching Baxter while you're away. So, reward them for doing such a wonderful job by gifting them with a gift certificate to a great local restaurant. Pair it with a nice bottle of wine, too!
  • Whip Up Your Signature Dessert – Every family has that one dessert they can whip up that is just so delicious. When you pick up Baxter from the dog sitter, be sure to bring a good-sized portion with you as a delightful way to say thank you! Your dog sitter will be so pleased that you brought over a scrumptious treat for them!
  • Cleaning Service Surprise – Many housecleaning services offer gift certificates and one-time hourly cleaning services. Arrange for a gift certificate or talk with your dog sitter when you get back and note that you're gifting a few hours of professional house cleaning, and arrange a good time for the cleaning service to come. Even the best behaved dogs leave some fur and that “dog smell" around, so having a professional house cleaner come is a nice time-saving gesture for your dog sitter.
  • Dog Gift Baskets – We were one of the first companies to offer dog gift baskets, and we know from personal experience just how perfect dog gift baskets are as dog sitter gifts. Our Dog Lover Gift Baskets come with goodies for both the dog and dog sitter, and with us being so dedicated to creating beautiful dog gift baskets, you can be assured your dog sitter will be in absolute awe.
Finding a dog sitter who welcomes your lovely pooch in while you're on vacation is truly invaluable. It's important to show your gratitude by gifting them with a fantastic gift. Dog Gift Baskets are such a wonderful way to say thank you, and ups the chances they'll welcome Baxter back the next time you're going on vacation!