Summer Dog Tips By The Dog Gift Baskets Experts!

You know us as the Dog Gift Basket experts, but oh, do we know our canines! We've grown up with dogs and now have several dogs of our own, and we know how important it is to keep an eye on your dog in the summertime. The summer is beautiful here in Parker, Colorado, our Bisket Baskets home base, but as those temps creep up, we have to watch our dogs to ensure they don't overheat! Read on for some summer dog tips, and you know who to come see when you need dog gift baskets. Overheating The heat can leave you pretty exhausted, right? It's the same for your dog! Your dog should never be left inside a car on a hot summer day – even with the windows down, your car can still reach triple digit temperatures inside. Be sure your dog has a water bowl outside, and if you're taking your dog on a walk or hike, bring along a portable water bowl and water bottle for your dog to take a drink. Bring some gourmet dog treats along too – just like the ones in our dog gift baskets! Fleas and Ticks You and your dog are going to be outside much more in the summertime, increasing the possibility for fleas and ticks. Ask your vet for recommendations on flea and tick prevention aids, such as flea and tick collars. When your dog comes in from outside, take five minutes and examine your dog's coat. Run a comb through your dog's fur, and be sure to look at Fido's skin. If you see any bumps or redness, investigate as to whether it is a result of a flea or tick. Swimming Not all dogs love the water. Before your puppy bounds into the water for the first time, keep your dog on a leash and lead your dog into the water. See if your dog is comfortable and starts to swim – otherwise, lead your dog back out. If your dog enjoys swimming, always keep an eye on your dog. Fast currents and exhaustion can hinder your dog's safety, so take it from the dog gift baskets experts and ensure your dog's safety is always on your mind – after all, your dog is part of your family! Sure, we know a thing or two about Dog Gift Baskets, but we also know how important it is to keep tabs on your pooch in the summertime. A happy dog in the summer means a happy owner!