Dog Gift Baskets, Movie Tickets, and Reusable Shopping Bags – We're Shaking Up Hostess Gifts!

If you're attending a party, dinner gathering, barbecue, or invited to stay with a friend or relative, gifting your hostess shows how thoughtful you are for their hospitality. Sure, you can do the old standby's – flowers, a bottle of wine, some cookies, but where's the fun in that? Instead, you can spend the same amount of time but select a hostess gift that is unique to her (or him!), with eclectic gifts like Dog Gift Baskets, hand-painted glasses, aprons and more!


For The Cooking Aficionado

If your host or hostess loves to whip up delicious delights in the kitchen, gift them with a unique kitchen-themed gift – a fun apron that suits their personality, reusable shopping bags for their many grocery store trips, and glass swizzle sticks for drinks.


For The Dog Lover

Our dogs are our four-legged best friends, and for the host or hostess who already has everything (and a dog), gift her or him with a dog gift basket! Our dog gift baskets come filled to the brim with healthy dog treats and goodies, and even some scrumptious morsels for the hostess, too, like the ones you can find in our pet lover gift baskets.


For The Out And About Host

If your host or hostess loves to have a night on the town, gift him or her with a gift certificate for the local movie theatre, a gift card to a great restaurant in town. It's a nice way to treat your hostess for treating you!


For The Outdoor Enthusiast

If you can find your host or hostess enjoying the great outdoors rather than staying in, think outdoor accessories –creative camping equipment, backpacks and knapsacks, and outdoor games he or she can enjoy with friends outside.


Unique hostess gifts, like our Dog Gift Baskets, are a welcome alternative to those hostess gift staples. After all, your hostess has just about all she needs – so give her something she wants! Your gift will be all the more memorable to her, and we have a feeling you'll always be welcome in her home.