Our Dog Lover Gifts are Perfect for the New Pet Parent!

While some people marvel at the amount of time, money and energy us dog lovers devote to our precious pooches, we know there is nothing we wouldn't do for our furry best friends, and there's nothing wrong with that! Dogs can make wonderful companions for people of all ages, and are just as precious when they're puppies as they are when their snout starts to show signs of gray. It's no mistake that people and dogs found one another. As Maurice Maeterlinck famously said, "We are alone, absolutely alone on this chance planet; and, amid all the forms of life that surround us, not one, excepting the dog, has made an alliance with us." We see the best in them, and they bring out the best in us! And that's what makes our dog lover gifts such a popular choice. Adding a dog to the family is an important decision that brings along with it some stress, lots of responsibility, and typically, immeasurable happiness. It should be a well-considered decision, because being a good pet parent is hard work! But that hard work is oh-so-worth-it, and definitely something to be celebrated. Dog lover gifts make a great choice for any gift-giving occasion, but are an especially fun ‘congratulations' for someone who has just welcomed a new furry lady or gent into their lives. Whether they fell head over heels for a puppy or a grown-up pup, one of our dog lovers gifts let them know you're happy for them, as well. Our selection of dog lover gifts includes baskets and boxes stuffed with treats and toys for the pup, as well as baskets that include presents for the owner's enjoyment, too. Of course, dog lovers enjoy both types as serving up something special for Fido makes them almost as happy – even if they don't have a wagging tail to show it! With prices starting below $20, and topping out around $100, we offer something for every budget and style. No matter which of our dog lover gifts you decide on, we promise it will be beautifully-arranged, picture-worthy and pooch-worthy! From gourmet dog treats to unique toys – hand iced biscuits to paw print containers – Bisket Baskets brings the best dog lover gifts you'll find anywhere. And that's no mistake! As dog lovers ourselves, we know what we like, and more importantly, what makes our own canine besties give us the widest, most excited puppy dog eyes ever!