Delightful Dog Gift Baskets with Treats for Pooches and People!

For those of us that are lucky enough to share our homes and our lives with a dog, there's no question that while they may be almost too much to handle sometimes, the love and joy they bring far outweighs any negatives! When giving a gift it is most important to first consider what the person you're gifting would enjoy, but you can also take that a step further and give them something their favorite pooch will love as well. This lets them know that not only are they important to you, but what's important to them is important to you! offers two distinct types of dog gift baskets; those that include gifts for the pooch alone, and those that include gifts for the dog and their owner. Here, we'll be highlighting a few popular dog gift baskets that fall into the latter category. As much as we love for our dogs to be happy, they love for us to be happy as well. That's what makes dog gift baskets with presents for all so perfect! However, while you aren't likely to be begging for any of their biscuits, we can't promise they won't try to get a lick of your cookie or candy!

Pizza Themed Dog Gift Baskets: This oversized gift baskets really delivers on delights for dogs and their humans! In addition to all the fixings for a gourmet pizza, we've also included premium fudge brownie mix, mouthwatering hand decorated cookies, tea, seasonal drink selections and more. And that's just for the family members without a tail. Four-legged family members will be barking ‘thank you' for Zukes Mini Bakes All Natural Biscuits, and adorable, hand iced gourmet biscuits. Everyone in the house will go to sleep with a full belly and a smile!

Best Buddies Dog Gift Baskets: These dog gift baskets are as pretty as they are packed with treats! The reviews speak for themselves; this basket is among our most popular for good reason. Brimming with tantalizing sweets, including gourmet caramel popcorn, hand-decorate bone-shaped cookies and tea, the person who receives this basket is going to have scrumptious snacks for days! And as for the doggie? He or she will have their tail wagging for a huge selection of gourmet biscuits, including hand iced treats of their own. They might not appreciate the fine detailing as much as their human will, but the top-quality ingredients yield a taste that's sure to get their paw of approval!