Dog Treat Gift Baskets Reward Dog (And Owner!) For Healthy Nutrition

Our dogs are just like our kids here at Bisket Baskets, and we want to make sure that we're feeding them well, and feeding them right. After all, we feel better and may have less physical illnesses if we eat better, so why not treat our dogs the same way? We were the first company to design and sell Dog Treat Gift Baskets online, and we've always considered our four legged best friends to be core to our business – and our lives. We include only healthy treats in our dog gift baskets, along with some snacks for us owners, as we want to not only reward your dog, but ensure Fido is healthy, too!

Dog Nutrition Musts

· Filtered Water – Would you drink from your tap water? If the answer is no, then your dog shouldn't either. If you're drinking filtered water, then be sure to fill your dog's water bowl with it, too.

· Fruits and Vegetables - Your dog doesn't know that an apple a day keeps the vet away, so it's up to you to make sure that Fido gets his fruits and veggies. Veggies should make up 1/3 of your dog's diet, and you can give your dog raw fruit every once in awhile, as well.

· Dog Vitamins – Your local pet store should have dog multivitamins on hand, and in a meat-flavored form that your dog will actually want to enjoy. Just as you simply can't get all the vitamins you need from your ordinary diet, same goes for your canine companion. It's not always easy to get your dog to take a multivitamin, so instill positive reinforcement – when your dog swallows his multivitamin, immediately give your dog a healthy treat from our dog treat gift baskets.

· Healthy Snacks – Snacking is an important part of our lives, and just as cutting it from our own diet never really works, the same is true for your dog. The secret is to choose natural, healthy snacks that are intended for dogs and can even help their chompers, like in our Pawsitively Gourmutt Dog Treat Gift Basket.

· Lean Meat – Not every dog food is created equal. Check out the ingredients in your dog's food to ensure lean cuts of meat are being used – no sense in adding additional, unwanted fat to your dog's diet!

There are tons of dog nutrition musts out there, and we urge you to consult with your vet on dog health tips. We all need some healthy rewards in our lives, so be sure to treat your dog to one of our Dog Treat Gift Baskets – especially one of our dog treat gift baskets that includes some “human" dog treats in it, too! Let's help our canine best friends live their best life possible.