Chocolate Lovers Gift Baskets for Easter

When I was a child, the highlight of my Easter basket was always chocolate. My mom would pack the prettiest basket with all manner of chocolate delights, adding in a few other candies and toys as filler. And each year, those other candies, including jelly beans and marshmallow treats, were the last ones standing after all the chocolate was gone. Eventually I ate them, but only because what I really wanted was already long gone! Fast forward many years later and I am one of the designers for the gift baskets for Easter that we offer at Bisket Baskets. While a lot has changed over the years since my childhood, my insatiable chocolate cravings are as strong as ever. And it is with people like me in mind that we have crafted some of the most chocolate stuffed gift baskets for Easter you'll find! I do enjoy an occasional marshmallow sweet, and I'm quite the fan of gummies, Skittles and Starburst, but something about Easter morning demands chocolate, and I'm not one to say no! Are you a chocolate lover as well, or are you looking for gift baskets for Easter for someone special that's a chocoholic? Here are 2 of many oh-so-delightful Easter baskets to consider, both of which I have personally enjoyed to the fullest… M&M's Easter Gift Basket: For these gift baskets for Easter we start with a wonderful wicker basket that the recipient will enjoy using time and again. Once we have that ready for filling, we reach for the M&M's. Then we reach for the M&M's again. And again. And again! In fact, we don't stop reaching for the M&M's until the basket is filled with 3 movie style boxes, 8 full size packs, 10 fun size packs, a hand decorated sugar cookie, and a bag of premium Wolfgang Puck coffee. We think you'll understand why these gift baskets for Easter are so popular! Reese's Easter Gift Basket: Do you find chocolate is at its best when accompanied by delicious peanut butter? Oh, we can't say we blame you! And for all our fellow Reese's fans we have crafted these most indulgent gift baskets for Easter, bursting with peanut butter and chocolate goodness. Like our M&M's gift basket, these include a hand decorated sugar cookie and coffee – the Reese's basket comes with Friedrich French Vanilla Crème Light Roast. And, naturally, there is a bounty of Reese's favorites. In addition to a Giant size Reese's bar and movie theater box of Reese's you'll be treated to 11 full size packs or bars and 5 fun size goodies. The assortment will include a variety of Reese's Pieces, Reese's Crunchy Cups, Reese's Big Cups, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Reese's Sticks, Reese's NutRageous, and Reese's Fast Break bars.